HSG bei VentureKick

Mehr als CHF 5,5 Millionen Startkapital, über 158 geförderte Startup-Projekte, über CHF 100 Millionen Finanzierungsvolumen und mehr als 970 Arbeitsplätze – das ist das Resultat von venture kick seit Start der Initiative im Herbst 2007. So steht es auf der Homepage von venturekick, dem wohl grössten Förderprogramm für Schweizer Gründer in spe. Im Folgenden ein Auswahl von geförderten Projekten von HSG Studierenden. Eine vollständige Übersicht findet sich hier:

Bookbridge Foundation – Susanne Wechsler
We train teachers and supply schools with books. Thereby we strive for a worldwide balanced access to education. Our books
originate from private and public donations. After a successful pilot project in Mongolia, we plan additional education centers in
different countries. Revenue from building bridges for and with companies make the project sustainable.

Calosens – William Lüthi
Calosens is developing an analytical device for the in-vitro-diagnostics market that allows to analyse probes much faster, more
sensitive (+/- 3nW) and more specific. In cases of bacterial infections (Meningitis/Sepsis) there is still a high mortality rate of up to 30% as the adequate medication and dose can not be appointed fast enough. This will improve with our device resulting in higher survival rates and reducing the risks of building new antibiotic resistance.

connex.io – Marcus Kuhn
To do so it leverages the dispersed data available in sources such as phones, email clients, and social networks and
aggregates, improves, and distributes all your contact information. This happens continuously so you have all your up to date contact information everywhere, anytime.

Palisis GmbH – Nico Niesper
MTS – Mobile Ticketsysteme. Palisis is an ambitious and innovative company specialised in mobile business applications for
small and medium sized enterprises. We create forward-looking and fully integrated portable software solution, like
InstantTicketing, which can be used industry wide. Palisis stands out due to their strict customer focus and continous effort to
solve their customers problems. Professionalism, affordable prices as well as excellent customer care are our hallmarks.


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