Social Entrepreneurship as a Career Path? HSG Alumni tell their story …

They say Sustainability is like teenage sex: “Everyone’s talking about it, few are actually doing it and those who are doing it usually do it badly”.
Could we say the same about Social Entrepreneurship? What is really behind this hype? And does it work as an actual career path rather than going into consulting or investment banking?
Join us this Thursday, March 3, from 16.15-17.45 at 01-104 (just above the Gründergarage) to hear the stories from three HSG Alumni who have chosen this path:

>>   Michel Bachmann, Co-Founder of the Hub Zürich (

>> Roman Gaus, Co-Founder of UrbanFarmers (

>>  Lars Stein, Founder of

We also offer a workshop for how to kick-start your own social venture next Monday, March 7, from 11.00-13.00, upon which you can apply for the Social Entrepreneurship Award and win a free Hub Zürich membership to implement your idea!


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