Aiducation stellt sich vor

Jetzt in der Gründergarage (Mittwoch, 11-13oo): Aiducation – Scholarships for high potentials in in developing countries

Aiducation is a non-profit organization, dedicated to giving people access to education. Founded in 2007 by members of Kenya’s civil society, we award merit-based high-school scholarships to bright and needy students in developing countries (our current focus is on Kenya). AiduMakers donate efficiently and with high impact.: They help AiduFellows to realize their chances in life, while at the same time pushing human capital in developing countries closer to their actual potential. The one-on-one principle ensures high transparency on the investment as AiduMakers receive regular performance reports during the 4 years of the scholarship. The AiduMaker participates in selecting the student and each scholarship is named after the AiduMaker (e.g., the “Frank Smith Scholarship”). To increase the impact of each donation, 100% of the donations are converted into school fees. Operational and project costs are minimized and covered through donations specifically for this purpose through voluntary work and partnerships with AiduPartners.

Aiducation has already been awarded numerous prizes and is run by volunteers (called Aiducators) with chapters in Germany, Kenya, Switzerland, and the UK. Donations in most of these countries are tax-deductible.


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