Ein Rückblick auf das idea lab 2012

Liebe Campus-Freunde

am Wochenende war ich in Vallendar, einem sehr beschaulichen Örtchen bei Koblenz und vor allem bekannt für die WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management. Das jährliche idealab! stand an, ein Treffen zwischen Studenten, Investoren, Gründern, Interessierten, Start-ups, Business Angel und vielen weiteren sehr spannenden Speakern.

Ich möchte euch ein paar (der vielen vielen guten) Quotes zukommen lassen, die mich beeindruckt haben und mir im Kopf geblieben sind – kommentarlos und wertfrei, ihr dürft selbst entscheiden, was ihr davon haltet. 🙂

— zu den Speakern: fragt google, wenn ihr wissen wollt, was diese Personen schon alles gemacht haben (dafür reicht der Platz hier nicht) 😉

“I don’t think the two-year McKinsey is better than the intern McKinsey. What you gain in systematic thinking, you lose in motivation to jump. […] What are all the corporates for? They are one big safety net. That’s how you have to look at it. If it doesn’t work, I go there. I promise you the CEO will look at you more because you look different.” – Oliver Samwer

“You have investors, you might have employees… It gets really serious. I realised, I probably can’t go back to school, at least for a little while.” – Sahil Lavingia

“At Instagram, we cared about solving a real problem. Taking problems with your phone was hard, hard to share, and photos looked like crap… It didn’t solve world hunger, but it was a real problem.” – Gregor Hochmuth

“If you believe in what you’re doing and the team that you’re working with, that’s the most important thing. You definitely don’t need to be the lead… I could have been CEO or founder of a million startups and not got anywhere near what I got from being at Skype.” – Eileen Burbidge

Be serious when working with your friends in a start-up. You always have a point where you will ask yourself if the start-up idea is the right thing to do. But as long as your good friends are sure, you should go with them. Nonetheless, trust is not everything. Be careful and be safe in legal terms, also while working with your friends. – Michael Franzkowiak (my own summary of his speech)

“Entrepreneurship is like having sex. You can read everything about it and talk with your friends about it, but you will never know how it really is until your first time.” – Eileen Burbidge

”You talk to suppliers, you talk to new employees, you call up customers, you sit with the team… Too many people run a business only by numbers, or, as I call it, only by laptops. During the day, create the numbers, create the business, at night analyse it, and the next day: do it better.” – Oliver Samwer

“You’d be like ‘how’s it going, how was your day’ – I have Skype histories that say this – and the response I’d get from Tallinn was ‘ask’. One sentence. One word. They didn’t mean that to be rude, it was like ‘I don’t have a lot of these small talk words, ask me what you came to ask me’ – but that actually helped us get a lot more done.” – Eileen Burbdige

If your idea brings your imagined perfect world nearer to the real world, then you should make it! – Sahil Lavingia (my own summary of his speech)

Liebe Grüsse



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