Kick-off-Event Young Entrepreneurs Club an der HSG

After a fantastic Start Summit, HSG daily routine and big corporate’s temptations endanger entrepreneurial spirit and bold goals to vanish once again.
What’s needed, we found, is a club in order to gather entrepreneurial talent and sustainably bring free enterprise up to discussion: the Young Entrepreneurs Club.

Help us to pursue this vision. Join us to become a part of the YEC and build this club – just like a startup.

Our kick-off event takes place tomorrow, 17 April, 2pm in 22-101. Preliminarily, ask yourself what you think the YEC should look like.

We are looking forward to welcome you. Be part of it!

HSG-Familie aufgepasst: Ihr gründet oder wollt gründen? Die Universität St.Gallen (HSG) unterstützt Euch dabei. Das HSG Gründer Lab und das Center for Entrepreneurship (CfE-HSG) sind Eure Ansprechpartner. Zögert nicht auf uns zuzukommen. Hier findest Du alle Informationen.


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