Einladung zum Private Equity and Venture Capital Club an der HSG

Es gibt bereits START und den YEC…nun auch den PE&VC-Club an der HSG.
Also ein Ressort, dass die Investoren (Venture Capital und Private Equity) in den Fokus rückt.

Hier einige Infos sowie die nächsten Termine:

Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset and like extremely high return potential? Are you passionate about generating as well as capturing value and improve or turnaround companies? Are you interested to start your career in the exciting and selective private equity and venture capital industry? Then the Private Equity & Venture Capital Club is your choice! Get in touch with key decision makers who bought companies such as Orange Switzerland etc. and meet founders of international firms. Our mission is to raise awareness among HSG-students and enhance their knowledge about the private equity and venture capital industry. We offer a platform for the exchange between professionals, academics, experienced students and newcomers with a keen interest in private equity and venture capital. In order to achieve these goals, we organize various events, workshops and social get-togethers.
Next events:

PE & VC Get-together
12 November 2013. Die Box. St. Gallen. Switzerland.

Partners Group – “Meet the founder“: Dr. Marcel Erni, Founder, Executive Member of the BoD and CIO – Company Visit & Lunch
25 November 2013. Baar. Switzerland.

LGT Capital Partners – “Meet the founder“: Dr. Roberto Paganoni, Founding Partner and CEO – with Aperitif
3 March 2014. Campus HSG. Switzerland.

For more information visit our website: www.pevcclub.ch


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